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(A splash screen that was archived with every single file that was downloaded from the BBS. Perhaps they have spread out on the internet? :-)

What is a BBS?

BBS is short for Bulletin Board System. Simply put, it is a computer attached to the phone line that you can call in to. You are usually able to read and send messages, transfer files, chat to other users, play online games etc...

A BBS differs from an Internet Service Provider, in that BBS's are not usually networked in real time, like the Interent. However, BBSs tend to be more friendly and less impersonal than the Internet. BBSs dont suffer from "lag" (delays in retrieving information) and generally, it is much easier to set up software to reach a BBS than software required to connect to an ISP. BBSs usually don't employ a graphic interface, but an text based menu system. Some BBS's do provide a web type interface, but usualy requirte that you download some kind of custom browser software to work it.

If you want to learn more about BBSs then here is my very own Survival guide to Bulletin Boards

What is the Sword of Orion About?

Sword of Orion started life late 1991 as a part time BBS running on an Amiga 500 specialising in Amiga software and supporting Amiga enthusiasts. Since then it has grown to a 24hour BBS with one fulltime and one part time node, and supports a wide range of software and interests.

How do I connect?

You will need terminal software like Qmodem, Telix, Ncomm, Hyperaccess, etc... Set you terminal program to:

Emulation - ANSI or RIP
Data bits - 8
Parity - N
Stop bits - 1

What about other BBS's

There is a list of Dunedin BBSs than can be reached via Valkyrie's homepage Follow the link for Valhalla BBS.

Sword of Orion Timeline.

1991 - The One Meg Wonder opens. Part time BBS run on my Amiga 500 with Softspan BBS software. Crashed and burned that many times that you couldn't leave it running by itself. Friend of mine christened it sodspan...
1991 - The Sword of Orion starts as a part time BBS running on a 286 clone. After a number of months a faulty motherboard takes the BBS offline for a few weeks. Panic and worry!!
1991 - 1992 - The Sword of Orion is officially Up and Running. Running Wildcat BBS software, the 286 was eventually upgraded to a 386, 486 and then to a Pentium 100 (Sheer extravagance at the time!) Software upgrades included DR-DOS, MS-DOS and then on to OS/2 Warp Ver 3 (To run a multinode system). Claim to fame was being the first all Amiga BBS in Dunedin. (There was never a Mac bbs.... Hm! >:-) )
1996 - The demise of Commodore spelt the end of the Amiga and as a result the majority of the user base began to drift on to using PC's and the Evil Windows 95 (C). Use of the Internet explodes amongst users of the traditional BBS community and one by one Bulletin Boards begin to dissappear
1999 - After running in one form or another for 8 years The Sword of Orion BBS is finally closed down. It was oner of the last BBSs in Dunedin to go.