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This is the page for Azrael the cat who was the loudest kitten in the pen at the SPCA and the one most determined to get out. The one that my flatmate, Nicki, chose. I got  meek mild grey kitten.

Somehow on the way home we decided to swap, and so began our life together  - cat and domesticated owner!

Azrael has lived though 6 flat/house shifts, 7 flatmates, several unsuccessful relationships, one very successful relationship, a few panicked dashes to the vet and countless, contented evenings on laps or in various warm hidey-holes. She had the trademark tortie temperment and scragged her fair share of vets and people! She was never a pick-me-up cat and smooches were on her terms only! More than one visitor has thought "What a cute kitty" only to find her clawing her way up their arm... However in her old age she mellowed enough to tolerate being randomly picked up.

She also shed enough hair for three cats!

Among the various adventures that befell her:

  • Running away from our flat in Ravensbourne, all the way along the train tracks past the fertiliser works to town. She was picked up by the SPCA about 8km away from home
  • Trying to attack the stupid upstairs neighbor's alsation dog.
  • Refusing to allow any other cat to live with us.
  • When interviewing prospective flatmates, she had a knack for running from the ones that were mad
  • Ran away back to an old flat that was 2 blocks down the road from our new one, repeatedly.
  • Being hit by a car at the ripe old age of 16 and surviving (She was getting a bit demented and dotty by then.)

Here are some random pictures taken over those 17 years of her life, from just days before she died to when she was a mischevious kitten that climbed curtains and savaged flatmates and puppies.

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